Hi! I am a marine zoologist involved in marine environmental studies.

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A Life characterised by 'high-technology' ...

  • My scientific 'career' as a marine biologist started in 1993 with a thesis on cyclic recolonization of the soft bottom animal community due to anthropogenic eutrophication in the sublitoral Flensburg Fjord (northern Germany).
  • After some research on the fauna in marine macro algae and a brief sojourn in the fields of fishery effects on marine benthos, I entered deep-sea research. Now I am one of the rare species familiar with the megafauna*) in the abyss.
  • During more than ten years I was mainly involved in environmental studies related to manganese mining (Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone, Peru Basin).
  • In 1999 I got some insights into the abyss of the Arctic Ocean (Deep-sea benthos of the Fram Strait).
  • Due to the fact that in the Federal Republic of Germany only few jobs for deep-sea biologists were available, I studied internet and multimedia programming in Kiel, searching for new challenges.
  • From May to October 2001 I worked as an IT professional at GAUSS Interprise AG in Hamburg/Germany. Due to the declining wolrdwide economy I had to leave the company.
  • Since November 2001 I am working as a webmaster at the German Red Cross Organisation in Kiel/Germany

*) Megafauna is defined as animals, large enough to be determinable on images (photographs, video recordings) with low abundances, so that usual sampling gear does not provide accurate density information.